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Name: Beaker 
Vice Captain
Name: Hof 
Team Message: Mon 13th Mar 2017
Newbies and long standing Ringers – please check out the softball rules on this website as there are some bits and pieces that have changed and you can't rely on the ref to always know them ;)
About Us:
The Ringers began as a regular group of friends and housemates (many of whom were windsurfers) willing to play as ringers for Beaker's law firm in the Surveyors Softball League. At times the ringers would out number the law firm players and all were very dedicated – some returning to play after catastrophic ball-on-ball injuries. Eventually though it was decided, over a pint or five, that the ringers should make their own team.

That was how we were created – we are The Ringers!

We also managed to snaffle a couple of experienced players from a retiring CSL team - the Down & Outs. Add to this some more friends of friends and we had a pretty decent size squad.

2011 was our first season and we found that the CSL uses things called rules... Luckily we can make up rules and shout them pretty darn loudly and this helped us to achieve a respectable 10th out of 12 in the league.

The biggest decision was what official looking team stash we would don. In typical Ringer fashion we opted for not an unflattering hoody or baseball-esque shirt but instead our highly distinctive fluoro pink headbands which can be seen from the other side of the suspension bridge rumor has it.

We have now adopted a flouro pink sports tshirt and have even splashed out on a super swanky bat.

2016 marked our first year in the top half of the league.

So three cheers for The Ringers… and one for the pub!
Current Season Matches and Results:
Match Date Opponent Their Runs Our Runs Our Points
24/04/2018 Sons of Pitches 29 11 1
01/05/2018 Bohemian Mavericks 26 12 1
08/05/2018 Beer Pitchers 14 11 1
15/05/2018 The Monkeys 23 19 1
22/05/2018 2 Many Tonys 30 14 1
29/05/2018 Smack My Pitch Up 13 22 3
05/06/2018 The Stalkers 10 18 3
12/06/2018 Uncatchables 17 34 3
19/06/2018 Ice Cold Pitchers 11 35 3
26/06/2018 The Unit 29 18 1
03/07/2018 BJC 11 11 2
10/07/2018 Los Banditos 27 18 1
17/07/2018 Inglorious Batters 24 6 1
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