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Name: Grant 
Telno: 07815 563707 
Vice Captain
Name: Tina 
Telno: 07812 128882 
Team Message: Tue 14th Mar 2017
Team Logo Here we go again!

After a storming 2016 Season it's time to get into 2017!

Last year we had a great season and finished up 5th overall!

This year we're setting our sights even higher... and by that I mean staying out for longer in the pub! Look forward to a season of home runs, acrobatic fielding and dedicated drinking! We've even got a wireless speaker to play our own individual theme tunes!

If you're a new recruit get in touch with Grant (Granito) for details of training sessions, otherwise look forward to seeing us up there! We'll be the ones all in black with WANTED signs on our backs!


Granito and Tina
About Us:
Team Pic Los Banditos

Formerly known as that band called The Raccoons.

Banditos is full of long standing CSLers and plenty of fresh faced players too! We're a sociable team who play for the fun of the game (but win plenty of games too!).
You're not going to get benched for dropping with us... unless of course it's a pint or a jagerbomb.
Drop one of those and you're off the team...

Contact Grant or Tina for more information on joining our team, or go through the recruitment channel!


Granito and Tina
Current Season Matches and Results:
Match Date Opponent Their Runs Our Runs Our Points
24/04/2018 Inglorious Batters 26 14 1
01/05/2018 BJC 25 18 1
08/05/2018 Sons of Pitches 4 15 3
15/05/2018 Ice Cold Pitchers 17 12 1
22/05/2018 The Unit 19 19 2
29/05/2018 Uncatchables 9 12 3
05/06/2018 2 Many Tonys 13 22 3
12/06/2018 The Stalkers 19 19 2
19/06/2018 Smack My Pitch Up 6 22 3
26/06/2018 Beer Pitchers 11 19 3
03/07/2018 The Monkeys 13 25 3
10/07/2018 The Ringers 18 27 3
17/07/2018 Bohemian Mavericks 10 11 3
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